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How to choose rock drill bits

In different use environments and working conditions, we need to take into account many factors, and then choose the appropriate oil drill bit, because when it is used for drilling oil, its working performance will directly affect the drilling quality, Drilling efficiency and drilling costs.For exam

Mine Drilling Tools & Selection & use and normal maintenance

One, choose1. Selection of drill bits for minesAccording to the nature of the rock, choose a suitable cemented carbide mine drill bit. Generally speaking, for the rock with high hardness, the drill bit supplied by the alloy with relatively lower hardness is selected, and vice versa, the alloy drill

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What is the purpose of the DTH hammer bit?

DTH drill bit is divided into low pressure DTH drill bit, medium and high air pressure DTH drill bit. The down-the-hole drill bit is used in conjunction with the down-the-hole impactor, which has the characteristics of straight drilling, fast speed and deep drilling. What is the purpose of the DTH h

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What is the meaning of DTH hammer bit?

What is the meaning of DTH hammer bit?The DTH hammer bit is used in the drilling of coal, chemical industry, metallurgy, highway, railway, construction and other projects. It is an ideal rock drilling device. Why is it environmentally friendly to use a DTH hammer bit?What is the operation method of

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What do you know about DTH Drill Bits?

What do you know about DTH Drill Bits?There are mainly four types of end face design forms used by DTH Drill Bit: namely, end face convex type, end face flat type, end face concave type and end face deep concave center type. Cemented carbides are mostly made of ball teeth, spring teeth, or the commo

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How does a DTH hammer drill work?

There are many types of DTH Drill Bits, but the shape of cemented carbide from crushed rock can be divided into two types, one is a blade edge drill, and the other is a column tooth drill. The former is used in general soft formations, while the latter is used in hard formations. What are the materi

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