Privacy Protection and Disclaimer

The privacy protection statement of the portal website of Zhuzhou Jinxin Cemented Carbide Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "this website") is the commitment of this website to protect the personal privacy of users. In view of the characteristics of the Internet, this website will inevitably have a direct or indirect interaction with users. The collection, use and protection measures taken by this website for users' personal information are hereby explained. Users must read carefully.
1. Computer related information
  When a user browses, reads or downloads the information on this website, the website will automatically collect and sort the user's computer-related information (Internet domain name, type of browser and operating system used by the user, access time, pages accessed, etc.) will be used to determine the identity of the user. By collecting the above non-personally identifiable information, we can optimize the pages of this website displayed on the user's computer monitor, and at the same time, conduct traffic statistics on this website and analyze the distribution area of this website's audience. We may also disclose this information to our advertising agencies to determine corporate marketing communications programs.
2. Personal data
  When users conduct user registration, consultation and message, complaints and reports, questionnaires and other activities on this website, this website will require users to provide some personal information through registration forms, message boxes, etc. on the premise of the user's consent. These personal data include:
  1. Personal identification information: such as name, gender, age, date of birth, ID number (or passport number), telephone, mailing address, residential address, email address, etc.;
       2. Personal background information: occupation, education level, income status, marriage, family status, etc.
Collecting such information helps this website to provide users with better products and services, and helps this website to provide users with fast, timely and authoritative information. This website will not use the information provided by users to participate in specific activities on this website for other purposes without the user's consent.
3. Information security
  This website will use corresponding technologies to strictly manage and protect the personal data provided by users to prevent personal data from being lost, stolen or tampered with. In order to protect personal information, when necessary, this website will entrust professional and technical personnel to process the said data accordingly, and notify the user of the processing arrangement in time. If the user does not take the initiative to express his objection within the time specified in the notification, this website will presume that the user has agreed. .
4. User rights
  1. Inquiry and request to view personal data;
       2. Request to supplement or correct personal data;
       3. Request to delete personal data;
       4. Request to stop technical processing and use of personal data;
       5. Suggestions on the management of this website.
5. Protection of the privacy rights of minors
  1. This website does not open registration and services to minors under the age of 16;
       2. This website does not collect the personal data of minors. If minors participate in the activities of this website, this website will take necessary measures to protect the privacy of minors, such as deleting and blocking relevant information;
       3. The parents of minors or their legal guardians shall bear the primary responsibility for protecting the privacy rights of minors in the Internet environment.
6. Disclaimer 
  In addition to the above provisions, this website does not assume any responsibility for the losses caused to users in the following situations.
       1. Personal data damage caused by natural disasters or force majeure on the server of this website;
       2. The registered user himself loses his account and password;
       3. The registered user himself informs others of the user password or shares the registered account with others;
       4. Personal data leakage caused by the user's computer failure, hacker attack, computer virus intrusion, government regulation and other factors;
       5. Users visit other websites linked to by the text or pictures on this website;
       6. Users disclose personally identifiable information in announcements, public forums, signature books or other online public occasions on this website;
       7. When government agencies require this website to disclose personal data in accordance with legal procedures, this website will provide personal data as required or for the purpose of public safety.

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