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Tungsten Carbide Hpgr Stud Pin for Hard Rock Crushing

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Tungsten Carbide Hpgr Stud Pin for Hard Rock Crushing

Tungsten carbide studs for roller press is mainly used on the opposite roller of roller press. Compared with the traditional surfacing roller surface, it significantly improves the wear resistance of roller surface,

The service life of the roller aligning machine is enhanced. It has high hardness, high strength and good impact resistance. Through preliminary comparison, the cemented carbide column nail is better than the original one

The service life of surfacing material is increased by more than 10 times.

Features of tungsten steel stud and cemented carbide wear-resistant stud:

  1. The corners adopt circular arc chamfer transition to avoid local damage during production, transportation, installation and use.

2. Overpressure sintering is adopted for sintering, with good density and high strength.

3. Special process is adopted to eliminate the surface stress after product processing and increase the surface hardness at the same time.

Tooth mounting method of alloy column nail:

1. Surfacing welding 2. Cold pressing 3. Hot inlaying 4. Adhesive

High pressure roller press is gradually recognized by the market for its advantages of high crushing efficiency, low energy consumption and high material yield. The performance of the cemented carbide roller pin determines the operation of the roller press.

carbide studs

carbide pin

hpgr tungsten carbide cement grinding studs
Tungsten carbide studs for high pressure grinding roll, it install on the high pressing machine,It can help to Increase wear
resistance, then can use more long time.

1. Flat top can protect the studs from being destroyed by stress concentration.
2. Round edges can protect the stubs being damaged during production, transportation, installment and using.
3. HIP sintering ensure good compactness and high toughness for the products.
4. Special technology to eliminate the surface stress after surface grinding, and increase the surface hardness at the same time.
5. Grease used on surface of the products to avoid oxidization.

pin for hpgr

studs for hpgr

carbide studs

The above brands are unique brands developed by our company for cemented carbide column nails for roller press. They have good wear resistance and compressive strength. They are suitable for crushing various rocks of cement and metal ore, meet the operation requirements such as cement raw meal, clinker, iron ore and quartz, and have high work efficiency. The service life of column nails can reach more than 25000 hours for cement raw materials, more than 30000 hours for clinker and more than 8000 ~ 10000 hours for iron ore.

[special notes]: accept non-standard customization and special customization. The price will change with the change of raw materials, cost and order quantity.


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