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Carbide button Distribution

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Carbide buttons arrangement of the carbide ball tooth drill depends on the end face shape of the drill bit, and the end face shape of the drill bit directly affects the energy transfer efficiency and the strength of the drill bit. According to the wave theory, in order to achieve less energy reflection loss and reduce the tensile stress that may cause damage to the drill bit, it is necessary to make the cross section of the drill bit uniform. some parts. These two conditions cannot be satisfied at the same time, and only a compromise can be adopted. Although there are many kinds of end face designs, only the following ones can really be used in production practice

carbide buttons

  1. Flat end face. carbide button inserts are arranged on the front face perpendicular to the centerline of the drill bit, while the side teeth are inclined outward to solve the wear and strength problems of the side teeth without spreading too much energy to the hole wall. The flat end face is simple to process and the rock drilling speed is high, so it is more general.

2. Spherical end face. Based on the ease of eye opening and centering and reducing the stress on the edge teeth, it is designed to imitate the slotted drill. Obviously, the larger the radian of the end face, the more energy diffuses to the hole wall, the rock drilling speed is correspondingly reduced, and the wear of the ball teeth is accelerated.

3. Tower end face. As a center lead-guided reaming drill. Another kind of drill bit is arranged with ball teeth at the super front end, which is called super front edge drill bit. It keeps the blast hole straight with the super front edge centering, and opens up the center free surface to increase the rock drilling speed. However, the strength of the leading edge is very low, it is easy to break and wear prematurely, and it is complicated to manufacture, so it is generally not used.

4. Concave end face. It is designed to overcome the disadvantages of the tower end face and maintain its advantages. The drill bit keeps the blasthole straight due to the action of the central rock column, and opens up lateral free surfaces for the side teeth, and the drill body has high strength. Mainly used on large diameter DTH drills.

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