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Carbide Tips Metal Cutting Carbide Inserts


Carbide Tips Metal Cutting Carbide Inserts

Carbide tungsten carbide tip is also called tungsten carbide insert, which is made of high quality tungsten carbide + cobalt powder material mixed by formula and ratio through pressing and sintering, with high hardness, high strength and high wear resistance of an alloy material.Hard alloy cutter head has a series of excellent properties such as high hardness, wear resistance, good strength and toughness, heat resistance and corrosion resistance, especially its high hardness and wear resistance, even at 500℃ is basically unchanged, still has a high hardness at 1000℃.



1, welding cutting carbide tiops structure should have enough rigidity

Sufficient rigidity is ensured by the maximum allowable external dimensions and by the use of high strength steel grades and heat treatments.

2, hard alloy blade should be fixed and reliable

The cemented carbide welding blade should have enough fixed firmness, which is guaranteed by the slot and welding quality, so the slot shape of the blade should be selected according to the shape of the blade and the geometrical parameters of the tool.

3, carefully check the knife rod.

Before welding the blade to the tool bar, necessary checks should be made on the blade and the tool bar, first of all, check that the supporting surface of the blade is not severely bent.The cemented carbide welding surface shall not have serious carburizing layer, and the dirt in the cemented carbide blade surface and tool bar insert groove shall be removed to ensure the welding is firm.

4, reasonable selection of solder

In order to ensure the welding strength, the appropriate solder should be selected.In the welding process, should ensure good wetting and fluidity, and eliminate bubbles, so that the welding and alloy welding surface full contact, no welding phenomenon.

5, the correct choice of welding flux

It is recommended to use industrial borax, which should be dehydrated in the drying oven before use, and then crushed, screened to remove mechanical debris, and then used.


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