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What is tapered button drill bit

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What is  tapered button drill bit

Tapered button drill bit Perfect designs, tungsten carbide and skirt steel , We provides leading strength and penetration rates for more productivity, excellent straightness and hole clean quality, get max drilling performance to save up fuel cost rate.

We can design and manufacture according to customers' samples or drawings of the diameter., buttons and flushing holes
quantity, button shape and face shape. Our button bit is made by high quality tungsten carbides and steel, through heat
treatment so that it can be used for hard rock drilling, and transmit intensive impact energy into the rock with the least
possible loss of energy. Comparing with tapered chisel bits and tapered cross bits, button bits has higher technology, much longer primary drilling time and higher drilling efficiency. According to the buttons, tapered button bits can be divided into the types of Dome, Ballastic, etc.

 Tapered button drill bit are the most popular tapered drill bits with a wide selection of head diameters from 26mm to 48mm.With carbide buttons hot pressed on the bit skirts, tapered button bits have a good drilling performance and are excellent in longevity. 


We manufactuer various tapered button bits in different degrees as below:

Bit diameter: 32mm ~ 48mm;
Tapered degree: 4°46’, 6°, 7°, 11°, 12°;
Shank sizes: Hex. 19mm, Hex, 22mm and Hex. 25mm;
Buttons configuration: 4 buttons, 5 buttons, 6 buttons, 7 buttons, 8 buttons

button bit

Product Information:

1. wear resistance
2. high efficiency
3. long service life
4. direct selling with reasonable price
5. MOQ: 1pcs for checking the quality
6.customized order is available




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