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What does the quality of tungsten carbide rock teeth products depend on?

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What does the quality of carbide rock pick products depend on?

The quality of the carbide rock pick is related to the efficiency of mining. Both the manufacturer and the user of the pick should be able to distinguish the quality of the carbide rock pick, so as to bring you good benefits. Understand and determine the quality standards of pick products:

Road Milling Teeth

A, the hardness of the cone of the pick: HRC>65;

B, pick bar hardness: HRC28°-32°;

C, pick surface hardness: HV>2000;

The coal rock teeth adopts a special heat treatment process, and the pick reaches 40-45 degrees, and the surface of the pick is basically free of oxidation.

The caol rock pick products are all produced by non-sparking technology, which makes the picks more wear-resistant. To improve the wear resistance of pick teeth, wear-resistant electrodes can be welded on the conical surface; plasma spray-welded wear-resistant coatings are used on the conical surface; hard alloy wear-resistant rings can be brazed on the conical surface. The alloy head is the part that is easily damaged, and the alloy head that protects the pick will greatly increase its service life.

The above has introduced you to determine the quality of picks. You can choose  carbide rock teeth models and  manufacturers according to your needs.




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