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Tungsten Rods Power and Power Calculations

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Tungsten Rods are dense, have an extremely high melting point, and are hard enough not to be easily corroded by air at room temperature. These dense metal rods can be boosted by a small rocket under satellite guidance and then coupled with free fall to create a huge amount of kinetic energy, making them more powerful. Here are some answers.

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l Tungsten Rods are so powerful.

l Calculation of the power of Tungsten Rods.

Tungsten Rods are so powerful.

Also known as "heavy stone" in ancient times, tungsten was first discovered by a Swedish chemist in 1781 and is an important strategic metal. It should be noted that dropping a tungsten carbide rod from Earth's near-Earth orbit and hitting the ground would indeed cause a lot of noise. But there would be no outright destruction of a city as in the film; this is a deliberate exaggeration of its power by cinematic effects. These space-based weapons have a wide strike range, are fast and short, and can be described as "environmentally friendly bombs".

Of course, this is not to say that this space-based weapon is useless, it still has characteristics that ground-based weapons do not have, such as a wide strike range with global coverage, an extremely fast and short strike time that can penetrate almost any existing defense system on the planet, and high survivability that no weapon can attack, except for laser weapons, which can theoretically strike. Most importantly, the Tungsten Rods can be considered an "environmental bomb" compared to the contamination of nuclear weapons. This space-based weapon can be used for precision strikes against important targets and underground targets and is therefore still being studied covertly by some of the world's major powers.

Calculation of the power of Tungsten Rods.

If you ignore the change in acceleration and also the effect of atmospheric friction etc., the acceleration is all calculated at 10m/s. From the formula H=V0*t+0.5gt, the time taken for these Tungsten Rods to fall from 400km orbit to the ground can be calculated: t=√(2H/g)=√[800000/10]=√80000≈283 seconds. The velocity of this Tungsten Rods‘s end touching the Earth is then V=V0+gt=10×283=2830m/s, which is about 300-500m/s for an ordinary handgun bullet, which is roughly in line with the film which says the velocity is equivalent to 8 times the speed of a bullet. Even if the cutting tungsten carbide rod was made into a needle shape, it would still be subject to air resistance. Even so, let's admit it, how much energy would be generated by impacting the earth at this speed? If this energy is converted into TNT explosion equivalent, how many tons of TNT would it be?

After consulting the information, we can know that 1g of TNT explosive explosion release of energy is about 4184J, that is, 1kg of TNT explosive release of equivalent 4.184 × 10^6J, 1 ton of TNT release of energy is 4.184 × 10^9J. This value is already greater than the value of energy generated by throwing a tungsten fishing rod on 400 km, is, from, that is to say, throwing a 760 KG Tungsten Rods from a 400 km orbit is, under all ideal conditions, not as big as the explosive yield of 1 ton of TNT!

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