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Production of high-quality carbide sand bars

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Carbide sand making strips are widely used in mining, sand and gravel, cement, metallurgy, hydropower engineering and other industries. For these industries that need to withstand high-speed impact and strong wear resistance, the use of super wear-resistant carbide material is the ideal choice. The material is cemented carbide.

carbide flat bar

Mainly used for vertical shaft impact crusher (tungsten carbide strips for vsi), with the characteristics of high performance, high efficiency sand making and shaping. A variety of crushing forms (stone-on-stone, stone-on-iron) are available to meet the different crushing needs of users. Using stone-on-stone structure rotor - suitable for crushing and sand making of hard and extremely hard materials, and shaping of various soft and hard materials. The content of stone powder can be adjusted, which is suitable for the requirements of high stone powder content in jade concrete and low stone powder content in ordinary concrete. It has the characteristics of high sand production rate and easy adjustment of fineness modulus.

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