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How to use button bits correctly

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In rock drilling operations, the quality of the button bit determines the efficiency of the operation and also determines its service life. Therefore, the button bit must be used reasonably to improve our work efficiency. The rock drill is only a power output device, and the button bit is in contact with the rock.

button bits

1: Observe the monitoring surface in time. If there is peeling or "cracking" phenomenon, timely grinding and repairing should be carried out. You can continue to use it to extend its service life, because when there is wear and tear, it means that the button bit has been If it affects the use, the rock drilling speed will also decrease significantly.

2: Brute force cannot be used during the operation, the propulsion force must be reduced to reduce the stress on the button bit, water is used for continuous washing, and the impurities generated during the operation are removed in time, and the short-term temperature difference of the bit is caused. Cracked.

The correct use of button bits can increase their life. But the quality of the button is also a very important prerequisite. The tooth bit is of good quality, and if used correctly, it will have a better service life. The special process preparation can reduce equipment downtime and maintenance times, and improve work efficiency.




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