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Zhuzhou Jinxin provides various types of DTH drill bits and models

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Zhuzhou Jinxin provides a variety of DTH drill bits and models. At present, there are four main design forms of high air pressure DTH drill bits: end face convex type, end face plane, end face concave type, end face deep concave center type, carbide ball teeth are mostly used , spring teeth or ball teeth, spring teeth common distribution method.

DTH drill bit

1. End face convex type: This drill is divided into single boss end face and double boss end face. The latter drill is mainly used for large diameter DTH. The convex DTH bit can maintain a high rock drilling speed when drilling hard and abrasive rocks, but the straightness is poor, so it is not suitable for rock drilling projects with high blasthole straightness requirements.

2. Flat end face type: The drill bit of this shape is sturdy and durable, suitable for drilling hard and hard rock, and also suitable for drilling medium hard rock and medium hard rock and soft rock that do not require high blasthole straightness.

3. End face concave type: The end face of the drill bit of this shape has a conical concave part, which is the slight nucleation of the drill bit during the rock drilling process to maintain the centering performance of the drill bit. With good straightness, this drill has good powder discharge effect and fast drilling speed. It is the down-the-hole drill currently used in the market.

4. End face deep concave center type: This kind of drill is evolved from the same type of ball-tooth drill bit, and the center part of the end face has a deep concave center part. When drilling deep holes, ensure that the blasthole is straight, and it is only suitable for drilling soft rock and medium hard rock, and is used for drilling rock laye




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