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What is the application for rock bullet tooth

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What is the application for rock bullet tooth

Zhuzhou Jinxin is  an ISO-certified manufacturer of drilling tools for piling & foundation. Our bullet teeth for foundation drilling can be used in varied geotechnical conditions for tough demands of drilling situations. A rock bullet tooth consists of a steel body and an inserted carbide tip. We always use the best virgin materials for our carbide bullet teeth manufacturing, ensuring premium product quality. At KoneCarbide, our commitment to your foundation drilling applications is incomparable. Choose our bullet teeth to achieve great success in the foundation drilling industry.

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rock bullet tooth Features :

1.Changeable holder welding position for cutting angle adjusting.

2.Quick-change connection design for easy replacement.

3.Embedded car bids on cutting edge and two sides for long-lasting tool life in abrasive condition.

4.Forging technology provides high strength properties.

5.According to the technical drawings using standard material specification production

6.Competitive price and products

7.tungsten carbide with reinforcement coal mining drill bits

8.continuous miner, long wall shearing, road header




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