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What is HPGR studs

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What is HPGR studs

Tungsten carbide studs for roller press is mainly used on the opposite roller of roller press. Compared with the traditional surfacing roller surface, it significantly improves the wear resistance of roller surface,

The service life of the roller aligning machine is enhanced. It has high hardness, high strength and good impact resistance. Through preliminary comparison, the cemented carbide column nail is better than the original one

The service life of surfacing material is increased by more than 10 times.

HPGR carbide pin

Features of tungsten carbide studand cemented carbide wear-resistant stud:

  1. The corners adopt circular arc chamfer transition to avoid local damage during production, transportation, installation and use.

2. Overpressure sintering is adopted for sintering, with good density and high strength.

3. Special process is adopted to eliminate the surface stress after product processing and increase the surface hardness at the same time.

Tooth mounting method of alloy column nail:

1. Surfacing welding 2. Cold pressing 3. Hot inlaying 4. Adhesive

High pressure roller press is gradually recognized by the market for its advantages of high crushing efficiency, low energy consumption and high material yield. The performance of the cemented carbide roller pin determines the operation of the roller press.




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