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What is DTH drill bit

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What is DTH drill bit 

DTH rock drill bits hole diameter: 3'', 4'', 5'', 6'', 8''(152mm-305mm) 

Down the hole (DTH)hammer bits are used with down the hole hammers of drilling holes thourgh a wide range of rocks conjunction with DTH hammers,drill hammer bits are designed with a splined drive for rotating the bit in the ground.Drill bits are available in different sizes and different styles so they can drill a wide range of hole sizes.Our cariety of down the hole (DTH)bits are manufactured using high quality materials to provide you with a fine balance between penetration capability and bit life.We offer a comprehensive range of standard and made to order drill bits on an extensive selection of shanks with a wide variety of head designs to suit every project.

DTH drillbit

The use of a wide range:the bit is suitable for carbonate rock, limestone, chalk, clay rock,siltstone, sandstone and other soft and hard. Each bit is made from quality alloy steel, and has been precision machined to produce a perfect body, heat treated to the required hardness, given surface compression for fatigue resistance. These are deigned for specific applications for all rock types,hardness's and condition.

DTH drill bit Feature:

1.The longer life of the drill: the alloy material, with longer using life which better than the similar products.

2.High Dilling Eficiency: the dril buttons is wear-resistant, so that the drill can always keep sharp thus greatly improving the speed of the drllng.

3.The driling speed is stable:the bit is scraped and cut to break the rock. 

4.Good Performance: bit has strong wear resistance, good Diameter protection and can make the cutting teeth be used efficiently.





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