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What are carbide wear parts?

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Carbide wear parts are mechanical parts or components made of cemented carbide materials with excellent wear resistance. This is an alloy material made of hard compounds of refractory metals and bonding metals through powder metallurgy. Its main component is tungsten carbide (WC), and cobalt (Co), nickel (Ni) or ferrum (Fe) are often added as binders to improve its toughness and strength.

The reason why cemented carbide has excellent wear resistance is mainly due to its high hardness, high strength and excellent chemical stability. These characteristics enable cemented carbide to resist wear, corrosion and high temperature in harsh working environments, thereby extending the service life of equipment and improving production efficiency.

It can usually be used in the following industries:

Mining and excavation: used to manufacture drill bits, picks, ball teeth, etc. These parts need to withstand huge impact and wear during mining and excavation.

Machining: As tool materials, such as turning tools, milling cutters, drill bits, reamers, etc., used to process various metal materials, its high hardness and wear resistance ensure processing accuracy and efficiency.

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Oil and gas: used for cutting elements of oil well drill bits, drill pipe joints, etc., working in extreme high temperature, high pressure and corrosive environments.

Woodworking: used to manufacture woodworking tools such as planers, saw blades, etc., and also performs well when processing soft materials such as wood.

Mold manufacturing: as a mold material, used to manufacture injection molds, stamping molds, etc., its high hardness and wear resistance help to extend the service life of the mold.

Other industrial applications: such as bearings, wear-resistant plates, nozzles, etc., are used in situations where wear and corrosion resistance is required.




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