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How to use DTH hammer bit?

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The DTH hammer bit produces a rotary impact motion of the carbide drill bit, which can drill holes in brittle materials such as brick, block, concrete, etc. Take off the pin so that the fixed plate rotates with the moving plate without any impact.

How to use DTH hammer bit?

What is the reason for the deflection of the drill hole of the DTH hammer bit?

What is the operation method of the DTH hammer bit?

How to use DTH hammer bit?

1) When using the DTH hammer to drill with the pipe, it is better to use the DTH hammer bit to follow up the longer casing at one time.

2) In order to ensure straight holes, the placement of the first casing should not be skewed, and the verticality of the casing should be controlled within 2‰ (the allowable deviation is 3mm/m). The casing should be connected with left-hand thread or welded to prevent the casing from falling off.

3) It is best to use foam to drill, and use the lubricating properties of the DTH hammer bit to make the casing follow up smoothly.

4) When drilling, the speed should be 18-25r/min, and high speed should not be turned on; the drilling weight should be determined according to the formation. It is better to keep the drilling speed steady.

What is the reason for the deflection of the drill hole of the DTH hammer bit?

1. Drilling deviation: The actual spatial position of the drilling during the construction process deviates from the design space position, that is, the deviation from the design axis, which is called drilling deviation or hole deviation.

2. Three elements of borehole space form: borehole depth, apex angle (or dip angle) of borehole and borehole azimuth determine the position of borehole in underground space. These three factors are called three elements of borehole space form.

3. Conditions of hole skew: The fundamental reason for the skew of the drilling is that the thick-diameter drilling tool is tilted in the hole, and its axis deviates from the drilling axis. The main conditions that can make it tilted are: the hole wall gap is large, providing space conditions for it; at the same time, there must be a tilting moment to provide it with tilting power, and then there is a fixed tilting direction.

What is the operation method of the DTH hammer bit?

(1) Before operation, you must check whether the power supply is consistent with the conventional rated 220V voltage on the DTH hammer bit, so as not to connect it to the 380V power supply by mistake.

(2) Before using the DTH hammer bit, please carefully check the insulation protection of the body, the auxiliary handle and the adjustment of the depth gauge, etc., and whether the machine has loose screws.

(3) The DTH hammer bit must be installed into the drill bit within the allowable range between φ6-25MM according to the material requirements. Do not use drills that are out of range.

(4) The wires should be well protected. It is strictly forbidden to drag them all over the ground to prevent them from being crushed and cut, and it is even forbidden to drag the wires into the oily water to prevent the oily water from corroding the wires.

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