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How much do you know about VSI Rotor Tips?

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VSI Rotor Tips can be widely used in the crushing and shaping of metallic and non-metallic ores, building materials, artificial sand making and various metallurgical slag. This machine is suitable for brittle materials with Mohs hardness less than 9, but not suitable for sticky materials and stones with a lot of soil.

What are the features of VSI Rotor Tips?

How do VSI Rotor Tips work?

How to properly maintain VSI Rotor Tips?

What are the features of VSI Rotor Tips?

(1) Stone-to-iron crushing cavity, higher crushing efficiency;

(2) The deep cavity rotor is used in the design, and the throughput is larger;

(3) Hydraulic cover opening device is convenient for inspection and maintenance;

(4) It has a variety of crushing cavity types, and can freely convert the operation modes of "stone hitting stone" and "stone hitting iron".

How do VSI Rotor Tips work?

VSI Rotor Tips can be divided into "stone-on-stone" and "stone-on-iron" crushing principles according to the feeding method. The stone-on-stone adopts a waterfall flow distribution system, which divides the material into two paths, one enters the inner cavity of the high-speed rotating impeller, and the other enters the inner cavity of the equipment. Finally, the two paths of materials collide strongly in the impeller area, thereby forming stone-on-stone crushing. ; "Stone to iron" is to introduce all the materials into the impeller cavity, throw them out after being accelerated by the impeller, and collide with the metal impact plate on the inner wall of the equipment to achieve the crushing effect.

How to properly maintain VSI Rotor Tips?

Periodic maintenance must be performed during the use of VSI Rotor Tips. Although it cannot prevent the aging of the machine, it can extend the service life of the machine to a certain extent and maintain its high performance and efficiency. The specific basic maintenance and maintenance methods are as follows:

1. Make sure to start VSI Rotor Tips with no load

If there is any material in the crushing chamber, the motor will burn out due to excessive starting pressure. Therefore, care must be taken to clean up the debris in the crushing chamber before starting to ensure no-load start-up, and then add machine-made sand raw materials.

2. The nature of the raw materials used by VSI Rotor Tips should meet the specified range

Different specifications of VSI Rotor Tips have different requirements on the feed particle size, hardness, humidity, etc. of the material. When the hardness, caking and humidity of the material exceeds the tolerance of the equipment, clogging, abrasion, etc. can occur, and the damage to the VSI Rotor Tips is very serious. Therefore, the selection of raw materials for machine-made sand must match the specifications of the sand making machine equipment.

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