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How can we use the VSI Rotor Tips?

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VSI Rotor Tips can be widely used in building materials, highways, mines, water conservancy and hydropower, highways and other industries, and are often used in the crushing and shaping of construction waste, ore, slag and other materials.

What is the role of VSI Rotor Tips?

How to use VSI Rotor Tips correctly?

How to spot problems with VSI Rotor Tips in time?

What is the role of VSI Rotor Tips?

VSI Rotor Tips is mainly used for construction sand making. It is an advanced equipment for the production of artificial sand. It is specially designed to provide high-quality sand and gravel aggregates for highways, high-speed railways, high-rise buildings, municipal, hydropower dam construction, and concrete mixing plants. Equipment in the field of sand making and stone shaping. Usually, it can be combined with sand washing machine, crusher, vibrating screen, vibrating feeder, etc. to form a sand making line for more economical and efficient production.

How to use VSI Rotor Tips correctly?

1. Regularly repair and replace worn parts

Shut down regularly, open the observation door to observe the internal wear and tear. If the wear is serious, repair or replace the new parts in time to avoid affecting the normal operation of the VSI Rotor Tips. Special attention should be paid to the fact that it is strictly forbidden to manufacture the impeller without the approval of the manufacturer.

2. Do a good job of lubricating VSI Rotor Tips

VSI Rotor Tips can only function properly and efficiently if they are well lubricated. When there is insufficient lubrication, the wear of the machine increases and the bearings heat up, which can damage the machine. Therefore, the sand making machine checks whether it is necessary to add lubricating oil after a period of use. VSI Rotor Tips should add sand making machine grease properly after 400 hours of operation, clean the bearings after 2,000 hours of operation, and replace them after 7,200 hours of operation.

How to spot problems with VSI Rotor Tips in time?

1. Tighten the parts of VSI Rotor Tips in time

If the parts of VSI Rotor Tips are loose, they should be tightened in time. The parts are fixed together by screws and other parts. If they are moved frequently and violently, these screws will become loose. If there is abnormal noise during use, it should be stopped in time for inspection. Find loose parts and tighten them in time.

2. Periodic downtime and rest

VSI Rotor Tips need to rest after long hours of work, in pursuit of high production output, the equipment will definitely accelerate its damage if operated day and night. Therefore, depending on the strength of the crushed material, it is very necessary to stop the equipment and adjust the rest after working on the basic maintenance of VSI Rotor Tips for a period of time.

With the advancement of modern technology, the appearance of VSI Rotor Tips has provided great convenience to everyone's production. Zhuzhou Jinxin Group Cemented Carbide Co., Ltd. has various VSI Rotor Tips that can provide the increasing of products, and make them more effective, reliable, and consistent.




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