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Center filler with sintered carbide tips for farming tools


Center filler with sintered carbide tips for farming tools

1. Adopting the new formula technology, can meet the needs of various sand rock strata.

2. Continuous teeth in the mining process, long service life.

3. Zhuzhou jingxin word brazing sheet all kinds of sizes of mold complete, fast delivery.

Carbide bit

Scope of use: suitable for drilling soft rock and medium soft rock in geological exploration, coal mining and civil construction industries.All kinds of excavation works and stone works

Tungsten carbide mining tip is widely used in petroleum drilling, snow plow equipment, cutting tools, mining machinery, road maintenance and coal drilling tools.It is also can used as excavating tools for Tunneling, quarrying, mining and Construction. In addition, it can be applied as drill accessories for rock drilling machine and deep hole-drilling tools.

Carbide mining tips are made from tungsten carbide raw material. Carbide button teeth /inserts are press fit into pre-drilled holes in the cone of the bit to achieve  better wear resistance and excellent cutting abilities

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Product Description

1. Grade: P10,P20,P30,K10,K20,K30,K40.
2. Model: K026,K028,K030,K032,K034,K036,K038,K040,K042.
3. Standard:ISO.
4. Certification: TUV.

They have widely use application in engineering industries:

1.widely used in petroleum drilling and snow removal, snow plow machines and other equipments.

2.used for drilling, mining and road sweeping machine, snow removal and road maintenance tools.

More. it has a great help in quarrying, mining, tunneling tools, as well as civil construction

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Advantage for tungsten carbide alloy brazing tips for mining

1. Raw materials are made of high wear resistance and durability

2. Overpressure sintering, increase the density of alloy teeth

3. Quality assurance

4. Can be customized according to customer requirements



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